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Site Type Monthly Subscription
30 Days $48
Videos download
Daily download limit 3GB/5GB/8GB
iPhone/Android Yes
genre amateur
number of videos 1659+
genital pixelation no pixelation
Video Size & Bit Rate Full HD
1920x1080 6000kbps
Stop billing 1 week before
the expiration date
How to stop billing Click here for the billing stop form


HITOZUMAGIRI becomes a partner site with "Horny 4610" and "Horny 0930".

The slut videos distributed by HITOZUMAGIRI are highly rated by mature woman lovers. HITOZUMAGIRI is the leading candidate if you are looking for an erotic, cute and bewitching mature woman.

Many of the women in the cast are in their 30s (around 36), and from the perspective of those who like real mature women, they may still be young MILFs. However, there are also mature women in their 40s and 50s enrolled, and the number is gradually increasing. Although it is not a large amount, carefully selected high-level mature women are employed and appear.

Also Most of the MILFs get creampied, which is probably one of the reasons for the high rating.

Pregnant woman "Yume Tagawa 28 years old" is so cute. A must-see video if you like Japanese pregnant women.

Cutest pregnant porn videos ever

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A pregnant woman who seems to be the cutest in the history of pregnant women's porn videos is on HITOZUMAGIRI, so if you join, you should definitely watch it.

There may be people who don't like pregnant women, but there is a cuteness that covers even that. she said. My husband is handsome and has sex regularly, but he is too scared to have sex when he is pregnant, so I decided to appear in a porn video.

Because you can get money and release your libido through sex, you will be appearing in a pornographic video full of good things.

I still have sexual desires during pregnancy.

No matter how stable the pregnancy is, it's scary to poke the uterus with your penis. If something happens, I'm scared and I can't get an erection. I wonder if being able to have sex here without fear is an excellent male. Anyway, check out the videos of cute pregnant women that are highly praised by those who joined HITOZUMAGIRI.

The storm of rave reviews! 29-year-old idol-level young wife has an outstanding reputation! The best tits are 92cm!

Japanese girl who looks like Paruru from AKB48

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Voices and pant voices are as good as they look. She has a face similar to Paruru from AKB48, a Japanese female idol group.

Mayu Aizawa likes sweets. She also likes alcohol and is a woman who likes eating and drinking anyway. She's surprised because she says she's 29 years old with this. She has a friendly personality and she is charming, so I don't think there is a man who dislikes this girl.

I'm glad that the pornographic actor appeared and sat next to me, and the fresh feeling of being nervous was like an amateur. You must be nervous because it's your first time having sex with a porn actor. Officially, my bust is 92cm, but when I took it off, my breasts were so small that they didn't look like 92cm. The vagina opening is quite small and the female genitalia that seems to be tight is impressive.

Since it is a platinum video, it is a video that you definitely want to see if you join as a platinum member.

You can download high-resolution still images that are popular with image lovers.

You can download high-resolution still images that are popular with image lovers.

Although not all works, most of the relatively new works have photobooks. The resolution is "1024 x about 680" and "about 680 x 1024". Image collectors should definitely download it.

bad review of HITOZUMAGIRI

Honestly, I have to say that the frequency of adding videos is unstable. Healthy porn site management means distributing independently produced videos.

HITOZUMAGIRI sometimes stocks past videos that have been suspended and adds them as new works on a new date. Many say that this is deceptive to users. It would be good to recognize that videos with normal image quality, not full high definition, were stock from past videos.

There will be a big difference in satisfaction between joining after knowing this situation and joining without knowing, so let's write it here.

Also, there are few videos of elderly mature women, but I'm dealing with carefully selected elderly mature women, so I'd like to introduce them. I think this uncensored video of an elderly mature woman alone is worth a lot.

Mari Teramura (42 years old), who has been married for 13 years and has a child in junior high school, is insanely cute.

42 years old but very cute Japanese MILF

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I fell in love with her ageless breasts. She is my favorite mature woman on this site. p>

HITOZUMAGIRI Subscriber Review

Honestly, I'm a messed up type. A face that I like so much that I can ejaculate with masturbation with just my face.

Ms. Mari Teramura, who has been married for 13 years and has a child in junior high school, is highly rated by those who joined HITOZUMAGIRI. He is very close to his husband, but he says he has been sexless for five years.

Since my husband won't have sex with me, he said he's been masturbating with a rotor for about four years. Mr. Teramura, who attended a girls' school during his school days. She was 18 when she had sex for the first time. She is married to her husband and she is a wonderful housewife who has never had an affair.

After this, an erect penis will be inserted into the pussy that has not been used for 4 years.

A flashy transparent panty with pretty old underwear. It is very erotic that it is not the underwear prepared for the shooting but the worn-out usual underwear.

Pubic hair is groomed, but it grows so much that it sticks out of the panties. There is no pant voice in the masturbation scene, so I am a little disappointed. But for the first time in 4 years, my penis is inserted into my pussy, and sometimes I feel like I'm panting with a firm female voice.

I'm so sorry that sex was done with a condom. I wanted to see you creampie.

The ideal form of a horny mature woman! Even with a bust size of 98 cm, it keeps its shape and is more obscene than expected!

Milf gets horny when she sees young man's penis

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No complaints, perfect score. She is my ideal mature woman. You can't take your eyes off this site because such a wife will appear by chance.

If I can lead Takeshita-san to an orgasm like this, I'm sure my soul will be happy as a man.

HITOZUMAGIRI Subscriber Review

Pubic hair that has never been shaved in life

The hair growing in the pussy is bristle. If you are excited about natural pubic hair that has not been shaved, you should definitely watch the video of Sumako Ariga when you join.

She has a strong sense of celebrity and wears underwear that looks expensive. She moans a lot and is sensitive. Her pant voice is a high-pitched falsetto system. Was it her first time with a dildo? She is doing a solid vaginal cum shot at the end.

A 55-year-old who has a very good reputation among the few elderly mature videos! Noriko Kinami's stress relief sex!

Such a beautiful mature woman over 50 is really rare

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She's really nice. On her partner site PacopacoMama, she goes by the name Kaoruko Matsukawa. The pubic hair on her pussy is natural and full of sex appeal.

HITOZUMAGIRI Subscriber Review

People who like mature women join various paid porn sites, so they notice the same person who works under different names. Popular married women are constantly getting offers from various sites, so there is a trend of changing their names and appearing in various ways.

I guess they changed their name due to contract issues, which is also an adult situation.

Even though she is 50 years old, her pussy is tightly tightened and she ejaculates a large amount of sperm.

Noriko Kinami looks more beautiful in videos than in pictures. Her pubic hair is also raw and wonderful. She has great style and her sensitivity is great.

This 55-year-old beauty and cuteness is truly a miracle. The man also made a large amount of vaginal cum shot while making a disgusting voice whether it was quite pleasant. It is a video by Noriko Kinami that can be recommended for those who like older mature women.

HITOZUMAGIRI is a safe paid porn site.

HITOZUMAGIRI is a safe paid porn site.

HITOZUMAGIRI is a major site, so you can rest assured. A huge number of users are joining and leaving every day.

However, I think that it is still uneasy for people who use paid porn sites for the first time. So, is it okay to pay by credit card with HITOZUMAGIRI? We will verify its safety.

Settlement company KingSummit
security level Highly secure
credit card statement KingSummit
company address 1401-B, 14/F Tower 2, Admiralty Centre 18 Harcourt Road Admiralty, Hong Kong
Operating years Since 2004
inquiry To inquiry form
If it is used illegally, it will be described here.

HITOZUMAGIRI is fully compatible with smartphones.

HITOZUMAGIRI is fully compatible with smartphones.

H4610 allows you to "join", "download videos" and "cancel membership" on iPhone, Android, and iPad. I actually downloaded the video on my iPhone SE, but I was able to download it without using any apps.

Since the DL function is originally implemented in Android, you will be able to DL without problems.

HITOZUMAGIRI:Recommended membership plan

HITOZUMAGIRI:Recommended membership plan

The price range is normal at the market price. There are more than 240 gold member videos and platinum member videos in total, so it depends on how to consider it.

Since the number of all videos is large, I think that there is no problem even for long-term members. However, if you are not interested in old videos that are not full HD or just want new ones, a 30-day membership is enough.

C0930 member Regular Videos Gold Videos Platinum Videos Total Videos
Regular 1413 - - 1413
Regular 1413 - - 1413
Gold 1413 148 - 1561
Platinum 1413 148 98 1659

Numbers in parentheses are available DL capacity per day.

For those who are considering joining as a Gold or Platinum member

Currently, the update frequency of HITOZUMAGIRI's gold videos and platinum videos has decreased significantly. Gold videos stopped updating on April 30, 2022, and platinum videos stopped updating on September 10, 2022.

The videos for general members are updated as many as five times a week, but don't expect new gold and platinum videos.

If you are a regular member, the DL limit is up to 3GB per day, so there are many cases where you can only download one work.

It's the same with partner sites, but HITOZUMAGIRI also distributes full high-definition videos, so the file size naturally increases. Most are in the 2GB-3GB range, but some videos are over 3GB.

In this case, if you are a general member, you can only download one. One a day is pretty tough.


Introducing techniques for efficient DL.

Suppose you have a 2.6GB video and a 3.6GB video.

If you download 2.6GB videos first, then download 3.6GB videos, you can download 2 videos in one day.

If the order is "2.6GB"->"3.6GB", you can download 6.2GB of videos even with the limit of 3GB per day. If this order is reversed, only one can be downloaded.

Flow of joining HITOZUMAGIRI

Open the HITOZUMAGIRI enrollment information page and decide on an enrollment plan. I became an annual member of HITOZUMAGIRI.

Flow of joining HITOZUMAGIRI

  1. Enter a valid email address.
  2. Enter the password you use when logging in
  3. Enter your name.
  4. enter your credit card number
  5. Choose your credit card expiration date
  6. Enter postal code
  7. What is D2PASS Premium?

  8. Click "purchase" to complete your membership.

HITOZUMAGIRI:How and when to cancel your monthly membership

HITOZUMAGIRI:How and when to cancel your monthly membership

HITOZUMAGIRI can easily withdraw from D2PASS My Page. You can also check if the withdrawal process was successful, and you can rejoin from within your account, so it's really easy to use.

Stop billing 1 week before the expiration date
How to stop billing Click here for the billing stop form

How to stop billing

  1. Log in to D2PASS and go to Account.
  2. Go to My Subscriptions.
  3. Cancel Memberships

To cancel a membership to a partner site, go to "My Subscriptions" and click on the "Cancel Membership" button. Otherwise, simply fill out the cancel form found in each of our D2Pass sites.

Frequently asked questions about HITOZUMAGIRI

We post frequently asked questions and concerns about using HITOZUMAGIRI. Some of the above have already been described, but if you read it in the sense of "summary", I think that your anxiety will be dispelled.

HITOZUMAGIRI is a Japanese paid porn site, but payment is in dollars.

The site is operated by Japanese people, but the support is fully compatible with English.

[Acceptable credit card brands] VISA, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club

It is written as "KING SUMMIT". Please be assured that the name HITOZUMAGIRI, a pornographic site, will not be listed.

If you do not intend to continue, please cancel your membership by the day before the membership expiration date. Even after the withdrawal process, you can use HITOZUMAGIRI until the membership deadline, so I think you can use it with confidence by withdrawing early in advance.

Click here for the billing stop form

HITOZUMAGIRI can download videos (including gold videos for gold members and platinum videos for platinum members) until the membership period, even if the membership is cancelled.

Porn videos downloaded to your PC or smartphone can be played even after you cancel your membership.

If you forget your H4610 password, you can reissue it by entering your email address here.

If you forget your H4610 ID (email address), you can reissue it by contacting customer support.

You can contact HITOZUMAGIRI directly from here.

Other FAQs for HITOZUMAGIRI can be found at here.

Official site


This is the best mature Japanese adult video site that I have come across. I like the format of the videos and the models/actresses are awesome. The 4-star rating is because there is a daily download limit of 3GB on regular membership. I wish they could remove it or increase it. Otherwise the site is awesome!

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