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Paid porn gay site with cute Japanese men.

H0230 TOP

Official site Visit H0230 now
Site Type Monthly Subscription
30 Days $68
Videos download
Daily download limit 1.5GB/3GB
iPhone/Android Yes
genre Gayr
number of videos 2160+
genital pixelation no pixelation
Video Size & Bit Rate HD 856x480 2000kbps
Stop billing 1 week before
the expiration date
How to stop billing Click here for the billing stop form

H0230 Good Reviews

The people in H0230 are all men, not women.

"Straight" will be the main site, not a gay site. Straight means "a normal man who is not homosexual".

Straight Boys adopts "amateur models". We will deliver embarrassing masturbation and private parts of ordinary men without leaving anything.

By the way, as you can guess from the site name, this is a partner site produced by the long-established adult site "Horny 4610". And of course there are many female members as well as men, and is especially popular with women because you can see handsome men masturbating.

The content of the video is 70% masturbation, 20% gay, and 10% shemale.

I can understand that there are many female members because there is little entanglement between men. Not to mention the desire to see a handsome man's penis, you can see everything from masturbation to urination.

Even if I'm dating my boyfriend, he won't show me masturbation, he won't let me see him peeing. It can be said that it is a paid adult site for women because it eliminates the desire of women who want to see embarrassing acts that men usually do not show.

You can also choose by type of penis, so it will be a nice category for women who want to find the penis they are looking for, such as uncut penis, decakari, and big cock (laughs)

It is also a good reputation that there are many men with the ideal body type for women, such as muscular slender macho.

Handsome, slim and muscular

Thin macho is popular among women. The body line is thin, but the body is muscular and masculine. A muscular macho is also masculine, but there is a high demand for a man with a cute feminine face.

It would be great to be handsome, thin and macho with a big penis. Rub the fully erect penis with your own hand to ejaculate. In order to maintain a muscular body, muscle training is essential, so of course male hormones are dominant and the amount of ejaculation is large, so women who see this for the first time may be surprised.

Many host boys are handsome and have a good reputation.

A man who looks like a host who works at a nightclub is popular

A Japanese host is a man who works at a nightclub. He is characterized by his flaky appearance.

A host-type man who seems to work at a popular nightclub all the time. I can only thank H0230 because he can see sperm coming out of his handsome urethra.

The cute type tickles the maternal instinct. He's a straight guy who's neither gay nor gay, so his erections are often weak, but it can't be helped.

H0230 has a good reputation for its high quality shemale sex videos.

Beautiful shemale videos are very valuable

Click here for porn videos of shemale sex videos.

There are also transsexual videos, although they are few in number and not updated. We are also doing construction to make the breasts bigger and make the male genitals female genitals. Some transsexuals have penises as they are.

If you just look at her appearance, she's cuter than a woman, so I'm usually surprised. This shemale category is treated as a woman, so it is characterized by seeing sex scenes with men, making it a valuable video.

Some transsexuals have changed their penises into vaginas.

You can download high-resolution still images that are popular with image enthusiasts.

You can download high-resolution still images that are popular with image enthusiasts.

H0230 allows you to download images as a photo book. The resolution is 1024 x 681, 681 x 1024. The number of sheets is 20 to 30 or more.

bad review of H0230

I can't expect rich sex between gays because the main thing is not gay but ordinary men. It consists mainly of male masturbation videos.

Strictly speaking, there are some gay anal sex videos, but they are not Japanese men. Men other than Japanese are having sex with each other using anal.

Other than Japanese, fellatio and anal sex are performed.

I wanted to see a boy's love between Japanese (handsome guys)! People who joined expecting that would have a bad reputation.

H0230 is a safe paid porn site.

H0230 is a safe paid porn site.

H0230 is a partner site with H0930 and H4610 in the DTI Group, and the payment agency is the same, so safety is guaranteed.

Settlement company DTI service
security level Highly secure
credit card statement DI SERVE OR DTISERVE
company address 1401-B, 14/F Tower 2, Admiralty Centre 18 Harcourt Road Admiralty, Hong Kong
Operating years Since 1996
inquiry To inquiry form
If it is used illegally, it will be described here.

H0230 is fully compatible with smartphones.

H0230 is fully compatible with smartphones.

H0230 allows you to "join", "download videos" and "cancel membership" on iPhone, Android, and iPad. I actually downloaded the video on my iPhone SE, but I was able to download it without using any apps.

Since the DL function is originally implemented in Android, you will be able to DL without problems.

H0230:Recommended membership plan

H0230:Recommended membership plan

Because it is a maniac site, the price setting is high.

About videos Until now, we hadn't distributed high-definition videos, so the number of videos was small, and it was easy for a one-month member to complete only the works he liked.

However, recently, high-definition videos have become very fulfilling. The download limit is set to 1.5 GB per day, which is quite severe, so the only way to use it without stress is to use a GOLD member.

H0230 member Regular Videos Gold Videos Total Videos
30day(1.5GB) Regular 1990 - 1990
60day(1.5GB) Regular 1990 - 1990
90day(3GB) Gold 1990 170 2160

Numbers in parentheses are available DL capacity per day.

For those who are considering joining as a Gold member

H0230 is positioned as a maniac site, so it is difficult to provide a large amount of videos. Therefore, the overall update frequency is one per week.

Furthermore, the frequency of video updates for Gold members is very low. As a result, there were two in 2019 and three in 2020, and no one has been added since then.

Flow of joining H0230

Open the H0230 enrollment information page and decide on an enrollment plan. I became an annual member of H0230.


  1. Enter a valid email address.
  2. Enter the password you use when logging in
  3. Enter your name.
  4. enter your credit card number
  5. Choose your credit card expiration date
  6. Enter postal code
  7. What is D2PASS Premium?

  8. Click "purchase" to complete your membership.

H0230:How and when to cancel your monthly membership

H0230:How and when to cancel your monthly membership

Since H0230 is a paid porn site, it will automatically continue unless you cancel your membership, so be careful.

H0230 can easily withdraw from D2PASS My Page. You can also check if the withdrawal process was successful, and you can rejoin from within your account, so it's really easy to use.

Stop billing 1 week before the expiration date
How to stop billing Click here for the billing stop form

How to stop billing

  1. Log in to D2PASS and go to Account.
  2. Go to My Subscriptions.
  3. Cancel Memberships

To cancel a membership to a partner site, go to "My Subscriptions" and click on the "Cancel Membership" button. Otherwise, simply fill out the cancel form found in each of our D2Pass sites.

Official site

Visit H0230 now

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